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The assignment requires you to define a central theme/hypoth

    The assignment requires you to define a central theme/hypothesis for “Is GDP the appropriate indicator to measure USA’s economic progress?” and the subquestions can then compare GDP data with the lagging and leading performance of stock market returns, employment activity, trade data etc.The idea is that you define a hypothesis which you aim to solve using different data points i.e. by conducting data analysis to prove the hypothesis. Its possible that you conclude that hypothesis is incorrect, correct, or inconclusive.Define your question. (Is GDP the appropriate indicator to measure USA’s economic progress?)Explain why this is an important issue.Discuss how it affects companies Provide an answer to the question.This is a data analysis exercise and not a qualitative research based assignment. You should use data charts, correlation, regression etc. to address your questions and discuss your findings and conclusions in the narrativeDo not submit a powerpoint as an additional document, just make sure you graph your data and include the appropriate exhibits in your paper at the end and that it is referred in the text. You can paste charts/tables prepared in excel as picture on the word doc (enhanced metafile)-Do not just state the question but describe its many dimensions and how it affects businesses-Explain why your theme is an important issue and how your questions are a part of the theme-TWO PAGE DOUBLE SPACED PAPERMust use to source data, along with other avenues. Majority must come from

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