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Thanks Kiana,Q2 They could have passed laws that Children o

    Thanks Kiana,Q2: They could have passed laws that Children of Slaves could have freedom- or upon 60 years age granted Freedom- or even that slaves could earn money…. But there were many parts of the slave trade that were so profitable. So it was a business and institution. But people were not moral back then so it was difficult to stop. Didn’t the British outlaw slavery much before America as well?2 mins agoThanks Kiana,Q3 Tobacco impacted everywhere. It replaced gold in many ways. The Colonists did not need gold as tobacco could be sold for anything they wanted. However, it did mean that people would have to work the fields. Wasn’t work in the fields also dangerous to the health as the tobacco leaves had toxins and would make people sick? So it was dangerous and everyone also knew this.

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