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Thank you for your thoughtful and clear explanation of urban

    Thank you for your thoughtful and clear explanation of urban renewal and gentrification. You mentioned an important piece of planning such community changes with the minimum amount of disruption is consulting with community members prior to the final plans being developed. Have you observed or experiences communities who have been particularly successful in that regard? If so, what did it look like? A series of town hall type of meetings, for example? I’m also curious to learn your thoughts on the studies in LA and Chicago. In your opinion, why did crime increase in LA but decrease in Chicago? What do you think the intervening factors were that contributed to different outcomes in those cities?ORIGINAL POST:Chambliss discusses the efforts to revitalize the economically distressed urban core in several major cities. What are the potential effects of urban renewal and gentrification on the economy and current residents of the neighborhood? How can urban renewal be balanced with the needs of the residents who may be displaced? For those who have lived in a city, do you have examples that support or contradict the description of urban renewal from the reading?Urban renewal basically means urban regeneration which is a program of redeveloping land from moderate to high urban land use. Gentrification is a term that arises in conversations about urban inequalities and increased cost of housing. Urban renewal and gentrification has its success and failures both in the social and economic life of the neighborhoods. Some of the potential effects are; some studies show that gentrification could increase income for low-income residents who remain and it would also improve their degree of housing-related satisfaction. In terms of crime, gentrification has received mixed effects, for example, studies based in Los Angeles indicate an increase in crime due to gentrification while a study based in Chicago indicated a decrease. Studies show that the aggregate number of people displaced by urban renewal and gentrification is high and the impact is harmful. Many of those displaced ends up living in overcrowded shelters and some become homeless. The study further indicates there may be a long term political consequences as a result of gentrification especially for low income residents (Chambliss & Eglitis, 2016).To improve the lives of the residents is the major purpose of urban renewal. As such, there has to be a balance between the renewal and the impact it will have on the lives of the residents. There is therefore a need for consultation, where the public is allowed to participate before the renewal strategy is finalized. The authorities should also come up with a clear strategy which ensures the displaced people moves on in life and does not cause suffering, such as building before demolition to reduce the number of displacements, the current residents should also be given the first priority after the renewal to come back to the new development.ReferenceChambliss, W. J., &Eglitis, D. S. (2016). Discover sociology (2nd ed.). Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications

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