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TasksConduct research and create a paperpresenting and supp

    Tasks:Conduct research and create a paperpresenting and supporting your personal counseling theoreticalpreference (choosing from the major theories studied in this course).You should conduct a computerized literature search on the particulartheoretical approach that feels like the best fit. Remember to select atheory that aligns with your worldview and your perspective of the besttherapeutic relationship. References should be from empirical/scholarlyworks that support and further define the position. You should includethe following in your paper:Summarize the fundamental elements of your theory ofchoice, including definitions of important terms and major historicalfigures associated with the theory. Explain how your personal worldview (e.g., core beliefs about others and the world) connects to your theory of choice. Explain how the therapeutic relationship aligns with your interpersonal style. Discuss how your theory of choice addresses the multicultural nature of our diversity. Present support for theeffectiveness of your chosen theoretical approach by examining andanalyzing the existing efficacy-based research. Include findings acrossage groups, gender, or multicultural groups. Discuss limitations ofyour chosen therapeutic approach, including any clients or presentingproblems for which it may not be appropriate. Support your ideas withfindings from existing research on the approach. Identify the ethicalstandards from the American Counseling Association’s (ACA’s) code ofethics (American Counseling Association [ACA], 2014) that apply to theuse of an approach deemed unsuitable for a particular group orpresenting problem. Discuss the harm that might be caused by applying anunsuitable approach. Provide an example of how you would apply a minimum of two specific theoretical techniques to a fictitious client’s need. Provide a plan for how you will continue to develop your knowledge and skills related to that theory. Your final deliverable will be a MicrosoftWord document approximately 8–10 pages in length. Utilize a minimum ofseven scholarly references. Your paper should be written in a clear,concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship inaccurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accuratespelling, grammar, and punctuation. I like the cognitive behavioral approach best

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