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Task 1 (450 words)Explain why so many international transa

    Task 1 : (450 words)Explain why so many international transactions require international trade credit facilitated by commercial banks?Task 2 : (450 words) One U.S. executive said that Europe was not considered as a location for DFI( direct foreign investment) because of the euro’s value – interpret this statement.Task 3 : (450words) Does borrowing a portfolio of currencies offer any possible advantages over the borrowing of a single foreign currency? If a firm borrows a portfolio of currencies, What characteristics would be desirable from a borrowing firm’s perspective? Task 4 : (450words) Critically explain the IFRS and GAAP principles applicable for international accounting.* Guidance Notes and Format of the Assignment :-1- Introduction and Objectives of the report >> Short introduction to the report setting out the aims and Objectives of the report are, what the report will cover and why . ( 250 words ) .2- Assignment Tasks >> ( 1800 words ) .3- Conclusion and learning derived >> the conclusion should briefly and clearly synthesize the key points of your analysis and what you learn . (250 words )4- References* The total of assignment = 2300 words

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