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Take a look at the example proposal, ‘Concept Proposal for D

    Take a look at the example proposal, ‘Concept Proposal for Drone-Based Security at Salisbury College’ beginning on page 227. Discuss what you believe the proposal does well and not so well. In what ways, for example, does it address four areas of proposals (current situation, project plan, qualifications, & costs and benefits)? As a reader in what areas would you like more information? Less information? Lastly, compare this proposal to the ‘Growth and Flexibility with Telecommuting’ proposal, which begins on page 207, continues on page 209, 212-217, and concludes on page 219.(book:file:///C:/Users/imac/Desktop/RPW300.pdf)reply: In your response to classmates–about 75 words–please continue to develop a collective understanding of proposals.You can imitate my friend:After read the sample of concept proposal, their introduction stated that the main point of the proposal is to offer an innovative way to improve night-time security on campus at Salisbury College by using drones for surveillance. After a brief introduction, they described the current situation. They first define the problem by proving there is a lack of safety, such as crime has been going up on campus, like a robbery. They also described their plan step by step, but I think the step 4 is not very appropriate. Maybe it should not include to plan, and their context and tone is unprofessional, such as they said, “If they aren’t doing anything wrong, they have nothing to fear from drones.” Although each student want to be safe on campus, they also need personal space. Their security measure may make students dissatisfaction, they fear for drones just because they feel it encroached on their private space, not because they want to do bad things. Sine we write a proposal, we should concern the people inside and outside our company who will be affected by our proposal. In addition, they did not mention their qualifications, they should present the credentials of their team or company, showing why their team is qualified to carry out the project plan. And also should prove their team or company is best qualified to handle the project. They also did not have a conclusion and did thank the readers. As a reader, I would like to have more information about how are drones working and how it can let more people feel safe and satisfied. The ‘Growth and Flexibility with Telecommuting’ proposal is a complete proposal, and their design and context is very detailed, and more professional. Their introduction prepares readers to understand the information in the body of the proposal, and their current situation section includes an opening, a body, and closing. Their costs and benefits section, as well as the proposal’s conclusion, and the costs and benefits section summarizes the benefits. They also tell readers the next step.reply:classmate 1.Of the four areas in a proposal three are hit on. The current situation of crime is discussed in detail, they explain their plan for using the drones to monitor the campus, and they specifically list the cost and benefits. The one area that seems to not be here is the qualifications. If it was listed it was not very obvious. I would like more information on the current situation. There’s a raise in crime rate and night classes sure, but what are these crimes? When are they taking place? Are the students actually scared? I would also like more on the issue of ethics. You cannot dismiss the public’s’ paranoia so easily. The second one compared to the one on page 227 is a lot more detailed and hits all the areas in a proposal. It is very intensive and a lot to digest. However, this is because it gives a lot more on what will be done, even to point of describing the stages the plan will go into. The one describing the drones is a little biased, in which these answers will work without giving an in depth reason why while the other gives a lot of factual information.classmate 2.I believe the proposal does a good job getting across to the readers what they intend to do with the drone-based night time security and how it will be used. I don’t think it does a good job of what will happen to the current security guards right now. Will they lose their jobs or be moved to a different department/area?The current situation is that they use foot patrol as security on campus right now. The project plan is to make drones the main security source at Salisbury College. The qualifications is that they cannot fly within a certain amount of feet in the general direction of people. For example, cannot fly within 10 feet over someone’s head. The benefits is that they are able to track people who are not within eye sight and could be potentially armed and dangerous. I think more information needs to be present is who is responsible of these things if they harm someone. Less information would have been nice when it came to the cost of the drone. The proposal of ‘Growth and Flexibility with Telecommunication’ is a well thought out detailed compared to the night time security based one of Salisbury College. It goes into great detail about their steps in order to make the proposal a success. The tone of the proposal is clear from the start. It makes the reader aware of what they are trying to do with their proposal because it is very well written. They have their whole proposal summarized into sections which makes it easy to read.

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