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SWOT analysis and 5–6 paragraphs citations and referencesA

    SWOT analysis and 5–6 paragraphs citations and referencesAn integral part of the strategic planning process is to gatherinformation. One method of doing this is by conducting a strengths,weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. Now that youhave reviewed your chosen standards, you will examine the impact of bothinternal and external forces on a Long term Hospitial.Conduct a SWOT analysis for your Long term Hospital that examines the forces that may affect the facility.Be sure to pay particular attention to the issues of financing,productivity, and marketing, as well as others you feel have thepotential to impact the facility.Present your SWOT analysis using a standard SWOT analysis matrix.Below your SWOT analysis, identify and discuss at least oneissue from each section of your SWOT analysis in further detail in aneffort to analyze why you feel the chosen issue may have the greatestimpact on the facility.When discussing your weakness and threats, be sure to include:1–2 goals that should be created to improve in these areasA brief description (1–2 paragraphs) of a planof action to improve in these area that includes how you willaccomplish the goals that you set in the first bullet point. In anaction plan, there is usually a time frame, steps to how you plan tomeet the goals you set, and how you will measure the goals.

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