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Students are required to write two Contextual Application Pa

    Students are required to write two Contextual Application Papers as part of the requirements for this class.The primary purpose of this assignment is to develop and assess students’ ability to view phenomena with strategic lens and apply principles to specific issues/companies/industries identified in the case. The Contextual Application Paper assignment requires students to find and discuss (an) article(s) about an industry or company and to discuss the article(s) from the theoretical perspective learned in the class. The contextual application paper should demonstrate your understanding and analyses in no more than six (6) pages including a separate cover page (1.5 spacing & 12 font size). Please include citations of all your references in a separate Reference Page (APA style) and also attach the main news article(s) at the end of the paper. For your External Analysis, pick either PESTEL Framework or Five Force analysis. Describe articles using the framework you choose. It has to be a very specific analysis. Here are additional guidelines for the assignments:The paper must be based on articles that are:relevant (clearly relate the articles to what we have discussed in class)timely (within the last 2 years)from a reputable business publication such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and Economist.The length of the paper is less than six (6) pages including a separate cover page for your name, class title, and class section. The paper must be typed with 1.5 spacing, times-new roman, and 12 font-size. Include a References page at the end and list all the citations in APA style (there should be at least five (5) citations). Also attach the news articles at the end of the paper. Unlimited tables, figures, and charts in the appendix.

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