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student wrote this, all i need to do is comment on the discu

    student wrote this, all i need to do is comment on the discussion post 5-7 sentences. Susan B. Anthony was hoping to achieve in proving that she had the right to vote as a citizen of the United States and that she did not commit a crime. What defense did she present? What impact did her case have on the Women’s movement?Susan B. Anthony’s used the the 14th amendment clause in her defense stating that voting was a right of citizens and that sex was not mentioned in the clause. The impact that Anthony’s case had on the women’s movement was that the two suffrage groups, Lucy Stone’s American Woman Suffrage Association and Anthony’s National Woman Suffrage Association combined back together after they spilt previously over differences. Stone’s group focused on obtaining voting rights state by state, while Anthony’s focused on obtaining voting rights at the federal level. The combined group accomplished suffrage rights 14 years after the death of Susan B. Anthony in 1920. What type of justice was Ida B. Wells fighting for? What was the prevailing opinion about lynching that Wells was determined to challenge?Ida B. Wells fought to end the lynching of Black men in the South. The prevailing opinion about lynching was that the reason for it was that Black men preyed on White women and that they the honor of these women must be upheld. Through her investigative journalism, Well’s found that lynching was more about White men asserting their dominance over the free Blacks in the south. How did Wells’s campaign contribute to the consolidation of the organized African American Women’s movement?After Wells received threats to her life for her writings on the true nature of lynching, Black women in the north gave her their support. A committee of two hundred and fifty women rallied behind Wells’ cause in 1892 through a demonstration in two cities. The demonstration led to the start of women’s clubs for black women.How effective do you think these women were in bringing about change during the Reconstruction era?I believe that Susan B. Anthony was very impactful in the women’s movement of the Reconstruction Era. She faced many setbacks in her fight for suffrage rights, but she was persistent by continuously exercising new strategies. The ratification of the 19th amendment that allowed voting for women (not all) became a reality after Anthony’s death, but her contributions played a major role for this to take place. Ida B. Wells in her investigative journalism on the unjust lynching of Black men lead to her accomplishing a lot in her life. Wells persevered through death threats and even harsh criticisms of those in her own community. She gained support from prominent Black leaders of her time such as Fredrick Douglass and W.E.B. Dubois and also a founding member of the NAACP. Both women came from entirely different backgrounds, Anthony from a Quaker family and Wells who was born into slavery, but their mark on history on during the Reconstruction Era is remarkable. These women show the examples of how women were becoming more vocal and political in the changing world.

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