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STUDENT POST ‘Yes, I feel as though the mass media signific

    STUDENT POST: ‘Yes, I feel as though the mass media significantly contributes to the socialization process, take a look at this past Presidential Election, CNN, Fox News, and many other major news networks all had their favorite candidate and would focus more so on the negative actions from the opposing candidates. There were tons of false news networks making up stories about all candidates that greatly influenced the American public. I feel as though people did not do their own research but just relied solely on what was reported in the news. I also feel as this election had a lot to do with the way people were raised. Our family, friends, and schooling play a large part in the socialization but I think our friends play a larger role than family or schooling. Friends, because we cant pick our family and don’t really have control over schooling when coming up but as young people and adults, we can pick our own friends and I feel we tend to befriend people with similar thoughts and likes. I feel the media have a huge influence over socialization than all others because the media will always be there, when we wake in the mornings some people grab their phones or turn on the television before even going to the bathroom. When you drive to work, you listen to the radio, when you take a smoke or coffee break most people are seen on their phones. When you get home from work you watch the news or some type of television. Some people have to sleep with the television on at night. As we lay in bed if we get bored, first thing people reach for is their phone or computer. The media is everywhere, when do we really get a break from it? We can go out with our friends but no-a-days we have to make a serious effort not to be on the phones when sitting in a restaurant with friends. I am constantly asking myself, what am I doing as a mother to influence my daughters social control, she goes to a christian school because I feel that is where we are all rooted from, she had ballet every Wednesday with friends, we limit her use of her Ipad and constantly monitor what she is looking at. With that being said, I feel the family should be the most influential control of socialization if we all make a conscious effort to make it so.’

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