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So, this project is pretty straight forward. Read the attach

    So, this project is pretty straight forward. Read the attached lecture. Create an advertisement flyer for a fictitious library lecture mini-series on mythology. The directions are below. Let me know if you have any questions.Create an attractive, attention-getting flyer to advertise your library lecture program, which will be about a classic mythology topic. Your flyer should include the following elements:the overall title of your program (you will need to come up with one)the dates and titles of your mini-lessons/lectures (titles can be different from the descriptive ones in this assignment)an image of some kind(From the instructor): ‘As a mythologist, I distinguish three basic types of mythic narrative: Divine Myths, Heroic Myths, and Folk Myths. These are defined in my Week Eight Overview Lecture. After learning the distinction among them, analyze ONE element of your own Flyer in terms of the type of myth represented by it.For example, if you choose a mythic character, object, or place that is part of a Cosmogonic Myth, then summarize the story in which your character, object, or place appears, and tell why the story should be defined as a Divine Myth. If you decide to write about a Heroic Myth, then identify the character, object, or place as part of a myth of this type. Summarize the story in which it appears, and state why the narrative should be called a Heroic Myth. If you choose a mythic character, object, or place that belongs to a Folk Myth, do the same with reference to this type of narrative.THE ASSIGNMENT IS GRADED ACCORDING TO THESE TWO CRITERIA:APPEARANCE: (1) Design, fonts, and image(s) grab attention. (2) The written text is easy to read and complements the image. [50% of grade]REQUIRED ELEMENTS: (1) The title is catchy and clever. (2) The image is appropriate and interesting. (3) Names of the Mini-Lectures are compelling. (4) Hypothetical dates are included.

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