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Short Essay Questions (7 points each)The goal of these quest

    Short Essay Questions (7 points each)The goal of these questions is to assess your understanding of how multiple theories work together in affecting behavior. Please read the questions carefully, and use course terms and theories to explain your answers. Feel free to use examples, drawings, or pictures to make your knowledge of the topic(s) clear.What are the different Learning styles described by Gardner and how can you use this theory about learning to improve how you personally learn and how you can help other people learn? You might want to take the Learning Style Inventory on page 28 to help you answer this question.List and explain the three conditions needed to make the goal-setting model effective.What is stereotyping, why do we do it, and what potential problems should we be wary of?What is the difference between attitudes and values? Make sure you discuss the three components of Attitude in your answer (Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral). Give specific examples to show how they are related and/or affect each other.Pick one of the following questions on stress to answer:6a. Why is it important for managers to learn how to manage their own and help their workers manage stress? What stress management techniques could you use as a manager to accomplish this?6b. How might some people react to stress, and how can Locus-of-control theory be used to develop stress-management techniques?

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