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Rushed this classwork and its needs revising and editingThe

    Rushed this classwork and its needs revising and editingThe war on drugs have been a terrible fight since Richard Nixon declared the war on drugs in June 1971. Despite all the efforts to eliminate drugs in the U.S., the nation has failed as a whole. The system that has been created to stop drugs from entering into the united states have failed and In current time the U.S are stopping drugs from entering the Mexican and U.S. but more drugs are passing than being seized by the border and border patrol. the U.S. has to find another method to stop all the drugs from entering the U.S. or else it could cause chaos. The system that started the war on drugs has been in process for many years and despite all the changes, drugs have been entering at a significant amount. Drugs in the united states have created a huge black market industry, according to news website Therecoveryville The black market industry is 200-700 billion a year in size. This Black market is bad for our economy and is hurting the U.S. and its people, The use of drugs in the U.S has increased over time which brings to the fact that the war on drugs have failed. The U.S are uncapable of completely eliminating the war on drugs and if they believe that the war on drugs can be fully stopped it’s a statement that will never happen. Our country has been fighting for many years and my belief is that they should continue to fight because if the fighting stops, drug overdoses will be sky rocket causing chaos in the united states over time. The fight should never stop but should be rather improved to at least some drugs and maybe over time we will have more ways of stopping drugs, the process of stopping drugs should be taken step by step, it will take a long time but it’s better than nothing because stopping will only bring bad things to our nation. There are many arguments on how the war on drugs should be handled and one of them is to legalize all drugs. Many people believe that legalizing drugs would affect drug dealers from mexico by bringing prices down making the drug dealers ship less shipments. Evidence have shown that when marijuana was legalized in colorado and washington the prices of marijuana went down contraying that fact that if we legalize drugs, drug prices will decrease resulting in less shipments being made by the cartels and for that reasoning people believe that legalizing drugs would be a good plan to stop the war on drugs. Arguments have shown that legalizing drugs has its positives but its negatives are far worse because if we make drugs legal it would mean that everyone will have access to drugs, it would be just as easy as getting milk in a grocey store and in my belief i believe that the result of legalizing drugs would be bad. In our society teens have gotten into many bad habits of smoking or using drugs a source has stated that in 2015, 21.3 percent of high school seniors used marijuana in the past 30 days, in most states marijuana is illegal which means that this 21.3 percent would increase if drugs were more accessible and that has its down sides to it because it would make the use of marijuana to sky rocket and will only have a negative affect in todays teens. Legalizing drugs does more bad than good, Research has also shown that when Colorado legalized marijuana, traffic deaths increased by 154 percent between 2006 and 2014 and drug-related suspensions increased 20 percent from school years 2008/2009 to 2013/2014 according to a report by Local enforcement agencies.This statement concludes that the leg of one drug has caused chaos, and if that one drug is causing that much chaos imagine all drugs being legalized the outcome wouldn’t be good.

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