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Review the article, ‘Leadership Lessons From the Chilean Min

    Review the article, ‘Leadership Lessons From the Chilean Mine Rescue.’ in google harvard business review.Write a 500-750 word paper that analyzes the Chilean mine rescue. As a leader, you will be faced with responding immediately to solve issues. The Chilean mine rescue is an example of leadership under extreme circumstances. Reflect on this example to shape how you might apply the goal-path theory and the situational approach in an everyday, real-world situation. Address the following questions and concepts:How did the leaders demonstrate flexibility and adaptability? Please provide examples.How did the leaders apply aspects of the path-goal theory to this situation? Provide examples.Did the leaders communicate effectively with all of the stakeholders involved? How could communication have been improved?How well did the leaders follow the situational approach to leadership? Provide examples.How does this example shape how you might apply the goal-path theory and the situational approach in a real-world situation, in your content? Include three to five references to support your position.Need paper in APA style format and free of plagiarism.

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