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* Review each question prior to answering them. Each parthas

    * Review each question prior to answering them. Each parthas its own instructions and requirements. Let me know if you have any questionsor comments. Thank you!1. Research three companies you might like to work for (2companies have already been chosen for you to provide information, choose 1more company). Use the internet, library, trade journals, Chamber of Commerce,or other sources to locate this information. In a narrative format provide thefollowing information: name of company, what the company does, locations,website address (if there is one), phone number, type of position you areinterested in within the company, how to apply, positive aspects on company,negative aspects on company, and three things you learned about the company ororganization. These might include size, mission, mission statement, growthprojection, etc. Minimum word count per company is 200. If you find Company 2 is difficult for you then you can choose, keep in mind we are choosing company and positions with interest and knowledge with ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP. Company 1: Burlington Coat Factory with a position as anOperations Supervisor/ManagerCompany 2: IP&E Palau (Shell Licensee) with a positionas an Account Manager. Here is the website info : 3: *your choosing* 2. Choose one of the three companies researched and developa resume for the position that you provided information for. *The resume you will create is for training purposes only somake one up. Use either chronological, functional, or combination of both. Keepin mind that you are targeting a job so use the skills that best support the qualificationsfor the position you chose. Use The Skills Formula {Bullet + Power word (verb)+ Keyword Skill (noun) = Outcome (quantified results). Your resume will includethe OBJECTIVE, SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCESor WORK HISTORY, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, ETC.3.a. The resume developed in the case analysis has made itthrough the first cut. An interview has been scheduled for the positionidentified in the case analysis. In a narrative format describe how toincorporate the seven steps to a stellar interview as it applies to yourinterview. Minimum word count is 300. *Here are the seven steps: 1. Prepare for interview 2. Firstimpression 3. Face to face interview 4. Closing 5. Follow up 6. Job offer andnegotiation 7. Making your decision*

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