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Respond to the posts of TWO of yourclassmates. In your respo

    Respond to the posts of TWO of yourclassmates. In your response, act as if you have already visited the cityyour classmate advertised. Did the city live up to the hype? Whatwere the great things about the city? Were there any things you wereconfused about or didn’t like? Again, be sure to steer away frommisleading characterizations of pre-Columbian societies and ritualsacrifice. Please cite your sources in thetext of each response post AND at the bottom of each of yourresponse posts in a bibliography.POST 1:The city of Tenochtitlan is one of the largest citiesin the world hosting the Aztec people (Clendinnen). This political,economic, and religious powerhouse is located an island in Lake Texcoco(Kessler Associates). Pyramids are painted red and blue, while the palacesare covered in white, with inspirations for architecture and culturecoming from Teotihucan. With extravagant pyramids and palaces, such as theHuitzilopochtli Temple and Templo Mayor (Kilroy-Ewbank), neighborhoods ofcommoners, calpulli, surround these magnificent structures.Surrounding canals and streets line the city in order to help transportgoods and encourage trade (King).Otheroutsiders have already described the immaculate place that Tenichtitlan can beas a place to visit. One key feature that stands out about this city is themarket place. Hernan Cortes notes that the market place consist of cleanstreets in these public squares where one can purchase or trade for food,clothing, wood, jewels, and herbs (American Historical Association).King,Heidi. “Tenochtitlan,” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hilbrunn Timeline of ArtHistory). October 2004.….Kilroy-Ewbank,Lauren. “Templo Mayor at Tenochtitlan,” (Khan Academy).…“Tenochtitlan/Emperorsof the Aztecs/Mexica,” (Kessler Associates).…“CortesDescribes Tenochtitlan,” (American Historical Association).…Clendinnen,Inga. “Imperial city of the Aztecs: Mexico-Tenochtitlan” (Common place).…POST 2:Welcome toUrban MesoamericaWhetheryou’re planning a simple pilgrimage to the Temple of Quetzalcoatl or apermanent relocation, there is something for everyone here in Teotihuacán!Centralto our city is the Avenue of the Dead. Along this forty meter wide street, onewill find the heart of Teotihuacán. The marketplace boasts the finest textilesand crafts, along with a large selection of local crops, such as corn, beanssquash, tomato, amaranth, avocado, prickly pear cactus, and chili peppers(Cartwright). We also offer an exclusive array of goods from the south, such ascacao beans, tropical bird feathers, salt, medicinal herbs, and honey (Berger377).Alongwith our market, Teotihuacán also offers family living in our sprawling livingcomplexes. Ingeniously built according to a grid, these apartment-likecomplexes are perfect for single-family dwelling. Each apartment features aconvenient floor drain system and one or two burial mounds. (Berger 377) Still,the most iconic feature of Teotihuacán is its ceremonial sites. Each one preciselylocated in accordance with the sun, these sites are the focus of our grandcity. The largest, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, is located in the Citadel, theroyal residential complex (Cartwright) and features many colorful decorativeelements. The Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon are also popularattractions, especially while the Pyramid of the Serpent is closed for tunnelconstruction. Sowhatever you may be looking for, come experienceTeotihuacán! Local ArtistsInfuse CultureTeotihuacánhas seen a recent flourishing of the local art scene. In the Citadelmarketplace, one can find many forms of art. Many city walls now proudlydisplay colorful murals depicting religious events and landscapes.Whilethere are many artisans who create the traditional three footed potteryvessels, we are also seeing a rise in more specialized items, such as incenseburners and figurines. In fact, the demand for these is so high, local artistshave employed citizens to mass produce these objects, making them more readilyavailable.Perhapsthe striking pieces of art to be found are the masks. Made of either clay orstone, these masks are made using jade, basalt, greenstone, and andesite andhighly detailed. These can be found on statues and mummy bundles.Whateveryour taste may be, be sure to shop local to support our local artist community!WorksCited:Berger,Eugene, et al. ‘World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to1500.’ University Press of North Georgia, 2016.Cartwright,Mark. “Teotihuacan.” Ancient History Encyclopedia. 17 February 2015, Accessed 20 February 2017.

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