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Research articles and/or books on vocabulary instruction by

    Research articles and/or books on vocabulary instruction by experts such as Robert Marzano, Janet Allen, Anita Archer, Kylene Beers, and Laura Robb.Based on your readings, design a plan, in approximately 1,250-1,500 words, outlining best practices for vocabulary instruction in your content area.Things to consider in developing your plan include:The number of words presented per week.The process you will use for teaching new terms.The frequency with which you will work with the terms.The materials you will use in vocabulary instruction and review activities.The activities you will use in reviewing and connecting terms.The activities you will use to engage students with one another using vocabulary terms.The activities you will use to encourage student self-reflection on their progress.How you will monitor the accuracy of students’ work.MINIMUM 5 sourcesPlease have the Turnitin score UNDER 20%

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