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Reply to this post in 100 words.The quote I chose to select

    Reply to this post in 100 words.The quote I chose to select is because it ties the inconsistencies of Men and Women: “He proposes the principle that all men are to be treated as equals, not because they are equal, in any respect, but simply because they are human.” Singer, P. (1989)In an article I recently read about Duke University and their Duke Men’s Project. According to the Duke Chronicle the goal of this project is to develop a positive changed behavior in men. Many state that it is promoting the feminization of men across. (Raphael, 2016) Is it bad for Duke University to tell the males that being a traditional masculine male is toxic? Feminist believe that the masculine behavior such as machismo, aggressive behavior can lead to rape, domestic violence etc. If Universities are starting to tell men that their masculine is toxic, and it could promote different behavior towards themselves and their own masculine instincts and their behavior can have an impact on women in general. Feminists state that masculinity is toxic because of the negative behaviors that it can lead to such as male aggression, sexism and racism because of the sense of entitlement because they are males.On the flipside, when they get out of the university and face the “real world” where there are other men who are not familiar with this learned behavior are they going to be able to live and socialize with these men? Will they be able to change their mindset? Is this creating an even playing field, what happens when they start building relationships and having families? Will they be able to make the adjustment to being the “man of the house or the protector and the provider after being encouraged to have a less masculine behavior from the Universities? How does this affect the household family environment? For me, as I think about my husband and my son and how if my husband had that learned behavior instilled in him, would I be okay with it? What would he teach my son? I am all about equality however, I am still a bit of a traditionalist, in that a man should be a man. A strong confident man. If the primary goal of utilitarianism is to generate the greatest good for the greatest number, a secondary goal is to minimize suffering. I feel that this encouraged behavior is not the greatest good for the greatest number because in the end, the males that have been encouraged with this changed behavior may not be truly happy therefore not minimizing suffering.ReferencesMosser, K. (2013). Understanding philosophy [Electronic version]. Retrieved from Chapter 6: Traditional Theories of EthicsRaphael, D. (2016, Oct 3). The Chronicle. Talking toxic masculinity. Singer, P. (1989). All animals are equal. In T. Regan & P. Singer (Eds.), Animal rights and human obligations (pp. 148-162). New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Retrieved from,Spr07/singer.

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