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Reply to post in 75 words.It means that everyone and everyth

    Reply to post in 75 words.It means that everyone and everything has a unique out look on life and different experiences. To be honest we are all animals, and we all follow different natures. While I agree that animals deserve to be treated with as much respect as we can give them, they can be used for food sources. Whereas if a human being is in a certain situation, an animal would not hesitate to use us a food source. Animals do have their own perspective, the vast majority have their own personalities and traits that bring us together. For example, we had a French Bulldog that was dumb as a box of rocks, but all he wanted to do was lay next to you on the couch and get a quick belly scratch. Right now we have two cats, one we got from our neighbor, who has never seen the outside, and she is spoiled, aloof and hates being touched unless she wants it. However, we recently adopted our Siamese from the shelter; they found this cat as a stray with a respiratory infection and starving. I walked in and this girl charged across her cage, dumping over her food and kitty litter to get to me she was so excited and I told myself ‘we have to have her’. Now she is the most loving cat, loves to be held and petted, she has a consistent food and water source as well as shelter and she really seems to understand this. Larda**, the first kitty, has never been outside and she doesn’t seem to appreciate how loved and taken care of she is, while Fleur(our Siamese) quite obviously acts like she is over joyed and grateful that she found a safe home. So yes, I do believe that animals should have rights, but we need to understand that everything can be a food source for everything else. It’s just with humans, we can see and understand suffering, most animals

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