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REFLECT As we have determined in previous lessons, the diff

    REFLECT: As we have determined in previous lessons, the different IR perspectivesoffer unique insights into the phenomenon of globalization. Forexample, from a realist perspective, the source of globalization lieswith the influential states that shape the international system. For theliberal perspective, certain types of technological and economicdevelopments have driven the phenomenon of globalization. The identityperspective emphasizes the impact, as well as the battle betweencrucial, critical ideas that emerged in the latter half of the 21stcentury. While these three mainstream IR perspectives provide validviews of globalization, alternative perspectives, also known as criticaltheory perspectives, can also provide unique and contrasting viewpointson the causes and impacts of globalization. These differences betweenfactors provide excellent visions into how these perspectives describe,explain, and predict the impacts of globalization.Initial post of at least 200 words, address the primary differencesbetween how mainstream perspectives (realist, liberal, and identity) andthe critical theory perspectives explain globalization?

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