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Reading Week 3 PowerPoint Presentation and Video LectureLen

    Reading Week 3 PowerPoint Presentation and Video Lecture’Lengthing Payment Terms”“How to be Customer of Choice for your Suppliers”Week 3 Discussion 2Answer the three questions below. (300 – 400 Word Min) Legal contracts can be complicated to draft. Whenmultiple people work on a project, usually one person takes the lead. Inwriting purchasing contracts, who should take the lead: the legalexpert or the purchasing expert? Please justify your answer with alogical argument or an example.(300 – 400 Word Min) Selecting the wrong supplier can be very costly fora firm. However, there are many things to consider when selectingsuppliers and it is not an exact science. What are some of the mistakesthat can be made in supplier selection and evaluation?(300 – 400 Word Min) Partnerships and strategic alliances are common inbusiness. Please provide an example of a partnership or strategicalliance that helped a firm improve its purchasing. This example shouldcome from the business press.

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