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Read the Washington Post article (below) discussing BPs lac

    Read the Washington Post article (below) discussing BP’s lack of discipline that contributed to the Deepwater Horizon spill, according to the investigative report of the National Academy of Engineering and the National Research Council, two of the country’s most prestigious scientific bodies. You can find the link to the article under Course Content. One might consider lessons learned from the Gulf oil spill. From a manager’s perspective, what Measures of Effectiveness/Measures of Performance might you apply to monitor output/production while maintaining a safe operation and appropriate training standards?What are the obvious categories? One might be Risk. You might set subcategories of Minimal Risk/ Acceptable Risk/ Unacceptable Risk. Under each of these subcategories you might establish a description of the characteristics. The idea is to develop a model for managers to measure the degree of risk, so he/she has set standards that drive policies and procedures. Without Measures of Effectiveness, a manager cannot truly identify goals, and know when or if they are met. So, as a warmup for your assignment, which is probably the most difficult and useful, create one category for the BP incident, establish its subcategories, and definitions and explain how this model will help you tell how well or badly things are going.…

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