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Read Access 2013 Bible Chapters 1 through 3 for an introduct

    Read Access 2013 Bible Chapters 1 through 3 for an introduction to using MS Access 2013. You must register with Books24x7 (using your SNHU email address) prior to your first-time use of its content. Prior to using Books24x7 content linked within a course, you must always log in to Books24x7 first and then proceed to the linked content.Review the following video resources for MS Access. There is some repetition in the Access 2013 Bible text information and the Atomic Learning videos. Some students may prefer to read, while others may want to watch the videos. However, both formats provide a basic understanding of data and databases and the exposure to the use of MS Access that are needed for the course.To begin working with tables in MS Access, review the Atomic Learning Tutorial E Creating a Table – The First Steps (Parts 1 through 7):Creating a Table in Design View (2:21)Creating a Table by Entering Data (2:25)Creating a Table by Using a Template (2:05)Assigning a Primary Key (1:43)Assigning Multiple Primary Keys (2:07)Inserting Additional Fields (2:07)Deleting Existing Fields (1:35)Navigating Through a Table (2:09)Adding, Editing, and Deleting Records in a Table (1:33)For this submission:Using Access 2013, create the table that you described for the company you chose for the Module Two discussion. Include a minimum of seven fields.Be sure to appropriately label the data types and give appropriate titles to the metadata (fields).Input two data records into the table.Create a Word document that contains a description of the completed table. Be sure to include the company name and why the company would use this table, along with the table name, fields, and data types of each field.Submit both the Word document and the Access file (.accdb) as individual files, but include both files in the same submission.

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