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Question 1 Whichstatement best describes cause of the econom

    Question 1 Whichstatement best describes cause of the economic transformation theUnited States experienced in the early nineteenth century? Scientific advances in the agricultural field led to larger crop yieldsAn increase in immigration to American cities created a larger work forceThe invention of new methods of transportation made it cheaper to ship freight 2 points Question 2 Whatdifferentiated the economy in the southern United States from theeconomy in the northern United States in the nineteenth century? The southern states’ industrial centers were fewer and spaced further apart The southern states did not have the labor resources that northern states did The southern states’ economies relied upon agriculture and not manufacturing 2 points Question 3 In what way was the social status of women in the United States affected by early industrialization? Both genders were needed to fill the same positions Women were allowed to focus their attention outside of the domestic sphere The economic significance of women as consumers was increased 2 points Question 4 What main advantage did railroads have over canals for transporting freight in the 1830s? Railroads could be used efficiently in any weather Railroads could be constructed on all types of terrain Railroads could be built using readily available materials 2 points Question 5 Which region of the United States was most dependent on roadways for transportation in the mid-1800s? the Midwest the Northeast the South 2 points Question 6 After the American Revolution, the United States’ westward expansion began with the early exploration of which region? the Mississippi Delta the Ohio River Valley the Great Lakes Basin 2 points Question 7 Which country’s emigrants made up the largest foreign group in the United States’ urban population in the mid-1800s? Germany Ireland Italy 2 points Question 8 Afood shortage in which country led to its immigrants becoming thelargest foreign group in the northeast United States in the mid-1800s? German Ireland Italy 2 points Question 9 In terms of revenues produced, what was the leading cash crop grown in the United States in the nineteenth century? corn cotton tobacco 2 points Question 10 What occurred as a direct result of canal construction in the eastern United States in the mid-1800s? Port cities such as New York City and Boston thrived Shipping costs between major cities dropped sharply Wheat and other grains were farmed in more regions 2 points Question 11 Which of the following reforms did Horace Mann advocate? ending child labor in factories free public education for all children equal educational treatment for girls and boys 2 points Question 12 Which American reformer was most closely associated with public education? Ralph Waldo Emerson Horace Mann Robert Owen

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