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Purpose Performance planning is a critical step in the impl

    Purpose: Performance planning is a critical step in the implementation of a performance management system. Every manager will, as part of that system, be expected to conduct a performance planning session with each of his or her direct reports. During this meeting the manager would describe what he or she expects the direct report to achieve during the next performance cycle. Before the manager can communicate this to the direct report, he or she must know The general function of the job,The key tasks associated with the job,The relative importance of each task to the achievement of the department’s goals,The indicators the manager will use (either results or behaviors) to judge the direct report’s performance on each task, andThe standards he or she will use to determine the level of performance achieved by the direct report on each result or behavior. Knowing this, the manager can then communicate to the direct report what is expected in terms of performance and how that performance will be appraised at the end of the performance cycle. Instructions: On this worksheet you will specify the key tasks, results, and behaviors associated with performance for a professor teaching an undergraduate lecture class. Professors are generally evaluated on teaching, research, and service. In this exercise limit yourself to the teaching functions of the professor. There are ten steps in the assignment, and these are noted in boldface type.

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