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POL 403Dear writer please reply to these classmates post for

    POL 403Dear writer please reply to these classmates post for example you might start Hi nice post ….Post 1: James wrote this:Hurricane Katrina was the 3rdlargest hurricane to ever hit the United states. The hurricane had windsof well over 175 mph, and killed nearly as many people as 9/11. Many ofthese deaths were caused by a 20 ft high storm surge that flooded 80%of the entire city of New Orleans. Unfortunately, many of these deathsare thought to have been due to negligence, and completely avoidable.Local government, Federal government, and the military could have handlethe situation better in terms of preparation, time management, andsafer practices.Problems:1.Time Management:-According to Brian Williams of NBC News, local and federal agencieschose not to evacuate until just 19 hours before the storm hit. -Governor Blonco Did not request bust assistance from FEMA untilafter the storm had hit, causing many busses to be destroyed instead ofutilized.2. Preparation / unsafe practices: -Humanitarian supplies were severely lacking for hurricane victims at the superdome. – Levees that were supposed to protect from most of the flooding failed due to poor construction.As a congressmen in this area I would have been talking about thisissue long before the hurricane hit. Hurricanes take a long time forform and travel across much of the Atlantic Ocean giving ample time toprepare. In this case, It was not a lack of knowledge that caused thiscrisis, but a lack of empathy. I would have drafted emergencylegislation that would require a prompt inspection of all levees, andappropriated money toward fixing what need be fixed. Furthermore, Iwould have created an emergency period 4 days before the hurricane hitto help gather supplies, and evacuate citizens.……Post 2: Chad wrote this:In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which greatly damaged numerousparishes throughout the city of New Orleans and many other areas andcommunities across Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, I would first focus myattention on introducing new or adjusting old policies associated withhousing. The impact of the storm caused many problems for individualsincluding limited access to supplies and food, massive power outages forthousands of homes, and severely damaged infrastructure and roads.However, the public outcry and need for adequate housing for those thisdisplaced was where the most enhanced frustration throughout the localparishes in New Orleans was coming from.Due to the combination of the enormity of the devastation resultingfrom the storm and the inadequate communication and slow response timeof state and federal government agencies, many local leaders and publicofficials publicly denounced the federal governments capabilities inhandling future natural disasters. Many ordinary citizens also began tolose faith in federal government support after experiencing greatdifficulty in contacting FEMA by phone or locating any of the 40promised FEMA help centers. As a sitting Congressman, I would havefocused on housing policy in order to rectify this problem and secure orconstruct adequate temporary housing for the thousands of individualsthat I represent. Of all the problems that Hurricane Katrina created, Ibelieve lack of adequate temporary housing for those displaced by thestorm was the most detrimental to those in the communities affected byit as well as to the relief effort. If government would have providedthe necessary housing more rapidly during the initial impact of thestorm, they could have protected more citizens from hardship whileminimizing public unrest.…Post 3 Nicole wrote this:My understanding now of socialwelfare policy is that is is what the government choose to do or not todo that affects the people and their quality of life. I knew that publicpolicy meant what the government does or doesn’t do, but after thereadings I have a bit more understanding of social welfare specifically.When I thought of social welfare, I thought of basically just medicaidand medicare, but it turns out the programs that fit into the categoryare quite vast. Post 4: Quaydir wrote this:Social welfare policy is social servicesprovided by the federal and state governments to help citizen in theUnited States. It helps citizens by providing an opportunity forcitizens to have access to health care, housing, nutrition, and evenemployment. There are number of services provided by government toeither aide citizens or even provide qualifying citizens with anopportunity to further their education. Prior to reading the text I wasnot aware of the fact that Stafford loans were a form of socialwelfare. While a student is still enrolled in school the federalgovernment pays the interest on the loan keeping the balancesignificantly lower for post graduate. Impact from these types ofprograms can at times go unnoticed or unappreciated by citizens.Dear writer what would you replied to these classmates about their posts

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