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Please use easy and Basics english because I am an internati

    Please use easy and Basics english because I am an international student, no hard grammer And no plagiarism please. Public project (4 pages) and reflection on public writing engagement (1-2 pages)Students draw on the individual and group annotated bibliography to create a public document,such as a NY Times forum essay or letter to the editor or a blog or a digital movie or a PSA(based on a written script), that is aimed at a particular audience and that delineates the mainproblem(s) or issues of their topic. These public documents will support a thesis though thisthesis most likely will not take a definitive position or offer a solution. Students can use theirgroup’s resources, but Project IV is an individual projectOutcomes for EN 101 Public Project•Integrate different ideas and arguments from various texts while make connections betweentexts and the world•Focus the scope of a piece of writing•Comprehensively explore an issue (questioning different viewpoints about an issue andunderstanding the larger implications of these viewpoints)•Demonstrates an understanding of the complexities of issues in writing that incorporatesnuance, qualification, etc.•Respond appropriately to different kinds of rhetorical situations and audiences in part bycontrolling diction, tone, level of formality and content•Distinguish between a writer’s words and ideas and those of sources

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