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    PEAPODS ONLINE GROCERY STORE ( EXAMPLE TEMPLATE ATTACH )Whether the system will be developed in-house, use package software, or be outsourced, a Request for Proposal (RFP) must be prepared to solicit quotes from vendors. The primary purpose is to communicate with vendors and rank software and hardware products from different candidates. A formal RFP must include system requirements and design features to support the IT system as well as research on technical criteria and options. These tasks are done in combination with the project manager, developers, and business analyst.Once all RFP responses are received from selected vendors, proposals are evaluated and ranked. Having ranked the proposals, the next step is to present the best options to management in the feasibility report. Once the vendor approval is obtained, the business analyst and project manager will meet with the winning vendor and begin contract negotiations and license agreementsProject – Beginning PhaseWeightTitle your WORD DOCUMENT: Your Name Project Proposal 1 .5Using the RFP link example in the instructions:CREATE in a WORD DOCUMENT an RFP for a grocery delivery website. NO PAGE REQUIREMENT.40Find a picture of project management (use google images), and add it to the word document, at the beginning of your document, right below the title page.10Added at least 3 resources to the “My Research” section of your page. 10Demonstrates effective usage of English grammar and mechanics. 10 Used proper tone in paper. Spoke from a “consultant” point of view. Kept in mind that audience was the Leadership Team for the online grocery store 5Title page: Included an APA formatted title page10Information Literacy: Use APA documentation style to cite sources.

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