HA599 Masters Capstone in Heath care Administration

The 4 Ps of a Proposal: Passion, Problem, Purpose, Plan Before you can conduct research, develop a thesis, or submit an article for publication, you must first identify your areas of interest (PASSION). Likewise, once you establish your areas of research interest, you must identify a legitimate problem that exists which can be researched and… Continue reading HA599 Masters Capstone in Heath care Administration

PSY 101 week 4 dq 1

   Ashford 5: – Week 4 – Discussion 1   Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect both the quality of your initial post and the depth of your responses. Reference the Discussion Forum Grading Rubric… Continue reading PSY 101 week 4 dq 1

Constructing Meaning: Research Analysis

As you have been learning, one key to success in literacy instruction is the use of appropriate strategies to support student learning. Select one strategy from the list below:InferencingMonitoring/ClarifyingIdentifying Important InformationGenerating and Answering QuestionsSummarizing and SynthesizingVisualizingMaking ConnectionsEvaluating Then select and read at least one current research article that provides empirical evidence supporting the strategy you… Continue reading Constructing Meaning: Research Analysis

Discussion & Assignment

Discussion: Probability in Real LifeIndividuals of all ages use probability to make decisions in everyday activities. For instance, when deciding whether to cross a street with traffic, people estimate the odds of making it safely across. Consider the prevalence of probability in your daily life. How does knowing the likelihood of something occurring affect how… Continue reading Discussion & Assignment

Assignment 3 Freescale Semiconductors, Inc.

  Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center.   Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.   Assignment 3: Freescale Semiconductors, Inc.   Due Week 10 and worth 360 points   Review the  Freescale Semiconductor case  in your textbook.   Prepare a twelve to twenty… Continue reading Assignment 3 Freescale Semiconductors, Inc.

Week 3 Case Instructions

Read and understand the case or question assigned. Show your Analysis and Reasoning and make it clear you understand the material. Be sure to incorporate the concepts of the chapter we are studying to show your reasoning. Dedicate at least one heading to each following outline topic: Parties  [Identify the plaintiff and the defendant] Facts… Continue reading Week 3 Case Instructions

MHA 618 Discussions

Discussion 1:   Prior to engaging in this discussion, read Chapters 3 and 4 from the text review any relevant Instructor Guidance.  It is suggested that you review the recommended resources to glean any helpful information. You are an associate director in a 300-bed hospital located in an urban area. For the purposes of your… Continue reading MHA 618 Discussions