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Option #2Strategic Marketing PlanForthe final Portfolio Pro

    Option #2:Strategic Marketing PlanForthe final Portfolio Project you will create a professional presentation(using MS PowerPoint or a similar application) developing anorganization’s strategic marketing plan that you could share with theorganization’s board of directors. You may wish to choose theorganization you work for currently or one you have worked for in thepast. If you like, you may also create a fictional organization fromresearch you have gathered about different organizations in thehealthcare industry. You will need to be sure to provide sufficientdetail and realistic information about this fictional organization tocomplete the assignment requirements.The presentation componentswill include: assessing the organization’s environment, identifying theconsumer market, developing a mission and vision statement, summarizingquality initiatives, developing a plan for marketing the organization,and creating a monitoring measurement metric to ensure future success ofthe organization. The project will consist of the visualrepresentations of the following elements:An introduction of the organizationA SWOT analysis identifying the organizational competencies and strategic advantages Identification of the consumer, key stakeholders and marketA mission and vision statementA summary of quality initiatives for the organizationRecommendations for monitoring measurements to ensure the success of the organization’s strategic plan.Presentation Requirements:Required length: 12-16 PowerPoint slidesUse professional themes and images, with no animationInclude citations of information used in the presentationInclude speaker’s notes for each slideFollow CSU-Global Guide to Writing & APA Requirements.**Below is the organization I will be using which is Calvary Hospice Hospital Organization,I included information that needs to be incorporated into my paperbelow. I also Included some of the sources that need to be used,additional sources need to be added roughly 7-8 sources.**

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