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Making a Case for Your Research(Annotated Bibliography and L

    Making a Case for Your Research(Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review/Scholarship Synthesis) 3+pages (not including citations and annotations); 8+ sources (at leastone book) Purpose: Your goal is to engage in a thorough understanding of yourresearch materials in order to develop a thoughtful proposal for yourfinal paper. At this point, you should narrow down your topic/ideas intoan issue/problem of interest based on a specific field. (You arewelcome to use previous books/articles.) You will first compose anannotated bibliography containing at least eight sources (threescholarly!) based on the issue. You will then, in essay form, explainwhat the issue is, what scholars are saying about the issue, and whatdirection you plan to take based on the current dialogue. Cliche topicssuch as stem cell research, euthanasia, abortion rights, globalization,marijuana legalization, etc. are off limits. Be creative! Your chosentopic will be subject to my approval.Details:Part 1: You first will gather atleast 8 sources that you plan to use for your final project andsummarize them very briefly beneath each citation. At least 3 of thesesources must be scholarly–and you must cite a book. (Links to an external site.) Part 2: Following the bibliographyand annotations, you will consider each source on a holistic level. Morespecifically, you will begin by describing your research topic and whatstance you plan on taking in the future (this may serve as your openingfor the larger project, so choose your position carefully). Then, youwill place each source in a dialogue of sorts: Which sources makesimilar claims? What other sources attempt to refute these claims? Whenwere the sources published? Has the academic opinion on the issuechanged or remained static throughout the years? What sources do youfind the most valuable? The main point of this assignmentis to demonstrate thorough examination of your sources, and, mostimportantly, emphasize a specific and unique direction and impendingargument for your own work. Thisassignment is meant for you to get a complete idea of the scholarshipon your topic so that you will be fully prepared to write your ownargument for the final research paper! (We will go over this in greaterdetail after the annotations portion of your assignment is complete.)While you are looking for sources and narrowing down your research topics, you will be required to meet with me in KE 252 sothat we can make sure your topic is manageable, sources are viable, andgenerally touch base on your progress through the course. You will signup for a time. If you fail to show up, you will be counted absent. Please arrive on time and come with sources, annotations drafted, and questions!Rubric: Introduction  Clear and engaging (10)  Demonstrates a solid, specific direction for research (10)  Synthesis/Research Overview Situates each source in “dialogue” (10)  Proves insightful analysis (15)  Engaging tone (5) Conclusion  Expresses “next step” for research (10)  Thoughtfully situates own research into existing field (5)  Annotations  Includes at least 8 sources – 3 must be scholarly (5)  Includes at least 1 book (5)  Critically examines each source (10)  Correctly cited (5)  Formatting MLA Style (you won’t need an extra Works Cited page for this if you have a correct annotated bibliography attached) (5)  Clarity/surface issues (5)(i already have my sources and annotations done just need help with the paper.)

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