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Learning Objectives CoveredIdentify appropriate Internet saf

    Learning Objectives CoveredIdentify appropriate Internet safety guidelines and virus protection plansBackgroundThe purpose of this week’s discussion post is to generate conversation regarding computer and internet safety. The material for this week will include videos and articles on keeping your computer and your private information safe. Several key terms will be covered such as malware, phishing, and Wi-Fi hot-spots.E-Safe: Phishing Emails-Internet Safety (2:38) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Have you, or someone you know, been a victim of a phishing scam through email? Phishing emails appear to be valid coming from legitimate businesses.The intent is to get you to divulge personal information that could be used to commit identity theft. Billions of dollars are stolen each year through email scams.Before you click or open an attachment, take a moment to reflect on what was covered in the video.What did you learn? What thoughts can you share with others to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam?Sample Citation:The video said that a web address beginning “https” is safe as the “s” means it is a secure site (E-Safe: Phishing Emails – Internet Safety, n.d.).ReferenceE-Safe: Phishing Emails – Internet Safety. (n.d.). Retrieved from YouTube: MalwareThis short article discusses Malware. It explains how your computer can become infected with malware of which viruses and spyware are just two of the many types out there.Viruses, Spyware, and Malware (487 words) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site)Do you know if the websites you visit are safe from malware? How can you be sure? How can you prevent your computer from becoming infected while browsing internet sites? What types of sites may be best to avoid and could be potentially dangerous?Wi-Fi SecurityThis short article discusses how to protect your Wi-Fi at home as well as how to securely use Wi-Fi hot-spots when you are away from home. Areas covered are tips to securing your internet connection at home, how to set up a firewall when using public Wi-Fi and tips on what to be aware of in public places when using hot-spots. Wi-Fi security and safety (430 words) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site)Do you ever connect at hot-spots like a coffee shop, airport or library? Were you aware that your information could be accessed or stolen by doing this? Based on the tips provided in this article, will you feel safer accessing a hot-spot in the future?Sample Citation:A coffee shop may be a great place to login in to check your email, but “these Wi-Fi hotspots are often not as secure as your home network” (Wi-Fi hotspot safety tips, n.d.).ReferenceWi-Fi hotspot safety tips. (n.d.). Retrieved from GCF LearnFree: the discussion this week, choose one of the resources from above and share your thoughts. Have you ever had your personal information stolen? Have you been a victim of a scam email? Have you or someone you know gotten a computer virus? Provide examples that have happened to you or someone you know. Demonstrate strategies that you have learned to avoid becoming a victim of scams and malware intended to harm you or your computer. You are the only one that can keep your computer safe and working properly.At Independence University, you are required to use outside information (something you did not write) to enhance your work. These are called sources, citations or references. During weeks 1, 2 and 3, we have provided the citations and references for the videos and articles you will be watching and reading. Try to find a quote from one of them and add it to your work with the citation and reference listed below. You will not be graded on the use of a citation and reference until week 4. If this is something new, give it a try or go to a live session for help. Your initial and reply posts should work to develop a group understanding of this topic. Challenge each other. Build on each other. Always be respectful but discuss this and figure it out together.SAMPLE POST – DO NOT COPY THIS – DEMONSTRATION ONLYThis week I chose to learn more about basic safety when using my computer. I have learned that there are many dangers when browsing the internet or even by simply checking my email. I never knew that I should not open attachments that come with emails I receive. There can be malicious software within that could infect my computer just by opening it (E-Safe: Phishing Emails – Internet Safety, n.d.). From now on I am going to be wary of not only emails that come from people or businesses that I do not now, but even from those I do. Fraudulent emails can look legitimate and I have to be very careful not to fall victim to a scam. If I am in doubt about the legitimacy of a request for information, I will call my bank or credit-card company and will never send personal information through my email account. It is up to me to keep my computer operating correctly. I do not want to have problems that could negatively affect the way it works as viruses can often be very difficult to remove (E-Safe: Phishing Emails – Internet Safety, n.d.). I know the important role my computer plays in my educational process and it is up to me to ensure that I keep it free from issues that would impact me negatively.ReferencesE-Safe: Phishing Emails – Internet Safety. (n.d.). Retrieved from YouTube: Please watch the short video below for step by step instructions on how to complete the week 1 discussion.Week 1 Discussion Review (15:10)Click to viewReply Re

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