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Investment Scenarios The year is 2013, the automobile indust

    Investment Scenarios The year is 2013, the automobile industry (and the economy) is still recovering from a global recession. You are the best investment consultant in the United States, congratulations! A very important investor wants to invest in General Motors (GM). The investor wants you to analyze GM to see if it is a wise investment. Your ultimate goal is to give the investor an unbiased analysis and a recommendation to invest or not to invest. Complete the task listed under the role below. Role #1 Labor Analyst Labor costs (including benefits, pension, and disability) are a major concern for businesses. Your task is to analyze labor in automobile manufacturing. Luckily the Bureau of Labor Statistics just created a few reports that will help you in your analysis. Pick at least three graphics from the links below that address your task. Explain the graphic (what type it is, what it measures, the trend(s) and implications. Explain how this would lead the investor to choose GM or not choose GM.Include your graph, equation, calculations and results.

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