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Individual PortionUsing the project you worked on in the Pha

    Individual PortionUsing the project you worked on in the Phase 3 individual project, finalize the design and functionality of the graphical user interface (presentation tier) and business and data access layers to prepare the Windows form application for deployment to a production server. Test the application by adding, editing, and deleting records in each table.Add to and perform the following on the Phase 3 individual project:Add a Visual Basic Windows Form Application Project to the project created in Phase 3 that will serve as the Presentation tier (user interface that includes the programming of business logic into various form controls).Set the Presentation tier project to be the Startup project.Add a reference in the Presentation tier to the Data tier project.Add a service reference in the Presentation tier to the Data Service.Add the necessary Data Grid controls and graphical user interface controls to show the data from the selected tables.Make the data show up automatically when the form loads.Increase the maximum received message size in the app.config file to support the data.Be sure to test the functionality of the application.Add your files to the small group discussion area.Please add your file.Group PortionIn Week 4, you will be preparing for system deployment and security. In the group portion of this project, you will create the Distributed System Deployment and Testing Plan, which will act as a form of communications and operations policy.Once all of the files have been submitted by the group members, select one of the members’ projects and create a 5–7 page Distributed System Deployment and Testing Plan that includes the following:System overviewScope and objectivesTest phases and cyclesResourcesRoles and responsibilitiesError managementOperational and communications policiesBe sure to reference all sources using APA style.Make sure that the purpose of each section is stated clearly and that the Distributed System Deployment and Testing Plan serves as form of communication and documentation for the application project.Please add your file.

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