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In a three-page paper, demonstrate your understanding of the

    In a three-page paper, demonstrate your understanding of the role that sensory experiences have in the learning process. Discuss how information is carried from thesensory signals and transmitted to other areas of the brain for furtherprocessing. Support your discussion with at least 2 examples, terms, andconcepts from professional experience and/or academic sources.Analyze the brain’s attentional filter andexecutive process. Include details regarding each step involved inprocessing and attention, as well as relevant environmental impactssupported by references to professional experience and/or appropriateresearch and theory from academic sources.Explain the areas of the brain responsible forattention (attentional filter) and executive functioning and address therelationship between executive functioning, attention, and the learningprocess. Include details regarding relevant brain structures andfunctioning that relate to learning and support those details byreferences to professional experience and/or appropriate research andtheory.Explain the various ways to stimulate theReticular Activating System (RAS) and strengthen the executivefunctioning networks. Include details regarding ways to stimulate theRAS and strengthen executive functioning networks and support thosedetails by references to professional experience and/or appropriateresearch and theory.You must use at least one scholarly article in addition to the text. The title and references pages must be included and do not count toward the three page requirement. Your paper must be in APA format, including Times New Roman, 12 point font with double line spacing and one inch margins on all sides. The paper must also demonstrate clear writing with proper grammar, sentence, structure, paragraph development, and essay organization (introduction with thesis statement and conclusion that summarizes main points).**Chapters 2, 4, & 7 will be attached once a tutor is accepted**

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