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I want 3 pages summary easy and 1 page ref for presentation

    I want 3 pages summary easy and 1 page ref for presentation but use one book (HEALTH ECONOMICS AND FINANCING by Thomas E.Getzen) fifth edition) for references which i uploaded in a file .Don’t use any other article or website by internet. Can use own idea. The topic is Management and Regulation of Hospital Costs but only discuss my content so the content is … plz put only book cite and reverences Why do some hospitals cost more than others? Why is a hospital bill so hard to understand? Why doesn’t a hospital just post a list of prices like most businesses? The number of patients and the number of days each patient spends in the hospital has gone down. Why has hospital costs continued to increase faster than other health care costs? Are large hospitals expensive because they suffer from diseconomies of scale, or because they admit the most difficult-to-treat patients? Why would a hospital want to buy a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner if it expects the MRI to be busy only half the time and the hospital next door already has such a machine? Will computers and other new technology improve efficiency and hence reduce costs, or will they improve quality and hence raise costs? Has regulation cut costs or cut competition? Content: 1 WHY DO SOME HOSPITALS COST MORE THAN OTHERS? 2 HOW MANAGEMENT CONTROLS COSTS *Short-Run versus Long-Run Cost Functions *Uncertainty and Budgeting 3 CONFLICT BETWEEN ECONOMIC THEORY AND ACCOUNTING MEASURES OF PER UNIT COST #Timing #Whose Costs? 4 ECONOMIES OF SCALE #The Hospital Is a Multiproduct Firm #Contracting Out 5 QUALITY AND COST #Technology: Cutting Costs or Enhancing Quality? #Improved Efficiency May Raise Total Spending 6 HOSPITAL CHARGES, COSTS AND PRICES: CONFUSION AND CHAOS #Chargemaster and Negotiated Fees #Cost Finding: Gross Revenues and the RCCAC #Medicare as a Standard for Pricing 7 CONTROLLING HOSPITAL COSTS THROUGH REGULATION #Certificate-of-need (CON) legislation #Price controls #Prospective Payment System (PPS) #Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA)

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