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I need the answers to the questions below in 1If Logx (1 /

    I need the answers to the questions below in 1:If Logx (1 / 8) = – 3 / 2, then x is equal toA. – 4B. 4C. 1 / 4D. 10 2:20 % of 2 is equal toA. 20B. 4C. 0.4D. 0.043:If Log 4 (x) = 12, then log 2 (x / 4) is equal toA. 11B. 48C. -12D. 22 4:The population of a country increased by an average of 2% per year from2000 to 2003. If the population of this country was 2 000 000 onDecember 31, 2003, then the population of this country on January 1,2000, to the nearest thousand would have beenA. 1 846 000B. 1 852 000C. 1 000 000D. 1 500 000 5:f is a quadratic function whose graph is a parabola opening upward and has a vertex on thex-axis. The graph of the new function g defined by g(x) = 2 – f(x – 5)has a range defined by the intervalA. [ -5 , + infinity)B. [ 2 , + infinity)C. ( – infinity , 2]D. ( – infinity , 0]

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