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i attached my paper but it needs to meet this requarment ,It

    i attached my paper but it needs to meet this requarment ,It’s about individual design, you have to answer these 4 questions and put some details in the schedule when you test your individual design. Each team member should build and test a different cross section. Each individual design report should include the following things in paragraph form: 1) What beam you used and what joint you used and why. Include ALL citations. 2) Explain in great detail how you designed and built this beam/joint combination. I should be able to recreate it using your instructions. You need to include at least 2 pictures here. Label the picture Figure 1, and put a caption next to it (don’t worry about the photos). Put this all under the picture itself. See the example below 3) Results in paragraph form and also show as a summary in a table. 4) Explain why your results ended up the way they did. This is what we call a discussion. Use quantitative observations, not qualitative. For example, say “there was a 4 inch defection of the beam when the weight was added,” not “the beam drooped a lot.” then fill this schedule:TrialRound 1 weight (lbs)Deflection (units)Round 2 weight (lbs)Deflection (units)Round 3 weight (lbs)Deflection (units)12345 You need to have some research. It doesn’t matter if you thought of it, you need to have research to at least see if it already exists… which it does… it’s considered plagiarism without citations. So add citations and background research. For example, how do you know it’s stronger because in equilateral triangles, the weight is distributed to the sides? what’s your proof? do you have the math to prove it? Do research.You never talked about the joint. That’s the whole point of this design.You’re not testing it correctly… where you have the weights hanging.. it’s not in the center on the joint.. it’s on the sides of the beam, so of course it’s going to be stronger.You’re supposed to test with the weights in the center. Look at the picture in the project description again.There’s not nearly enough information about how you built this… what card board did you use? what glue? how long did you have to let the glue dry… etc? I cannot take your description and make a new beam. I don’t know what the size is, the length, the glue, the height, the materials… anything…Your trials should all be the same… why did you increase to 25 pounds? Round 1 is 2 pounds. Test it 5 times with 2 pounds… etc Your figures don’t have captions of figure numbers. The pictures are too far away… don’t have people in the pictures… Take them more zoomed into what’s important. Don’t put words in your pictures like you have. Use a caption. Look at the assignment for an example.You don’t have any units for deflection.’I glued it well’ is not a good explanation. Tell me more about the beam and the joint.what i wrote is attached :

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