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https// (Links to an exter (Links to an external site.) Click on the link above and then click on ‘Unit 4’ Read througheach of the links listed below. Take one page of notes from each of thefollowing links listed below. For this assignment, you will submit 6pages of notes (bullet points are ok). Number and title each section sothat it is clear there are 6 distinct pages. Double spacing is allowed. Thesenotes must be in your own words, and they must demonstrate your masteryand understanding of the material. Your submission must be as anattachment in Word, pdf, or rtf format. 1. Confucius and ‘Confucian Tradition’2. Taoism (If the link is down, use the following: (Links to an external site.)) 3. Buddhism: The ‘Imported’ Tradition4. The Qin Dynasty5. The Han Dynasty6. China: The Imperial Era

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