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Hello Tutors,Please see the topic of discussion for this wee

    Hello Tutors,Please see the topic of discussion for this week. I have attached the response from the student I will need to respond to.The response will need to be more than no less than 250 words. Remember: Only respond to the post attached. Please see the following topic below:First,review the ‘triple constraints’ of IT Project Management as covered inthis week’s reading ‘What is Project Management?’ Note that there aremore than 3 constraints discussed in the article. The illustrationabove from the article shows the author’s interpretation of the ‘tripleconstraints.’Group C: Please address the following 3 questions:Which of the triple constraints do you think is the most important for Kelly’s Salon’s IT implementation? Explain briefly why you selected that constraint.Discusshow you would ensure that this aspect was well addressed to maximizeKelly’s chance for success with her IT implementation.

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