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Hello Tutors,Please keep responses organized. Also make sure

    Hello Tutors,Please keep responses organized. Also make sure you APA cite the resources you are using to respond to each learning activity. Keep all responses with the initial activity postings to avoid confusion. All responses must be at least 250 words Use reading resources provided to answer questions, do not use outside sources.Theme One: The Effects of Globalization Read:It’s A ‘0.6%’ World: Who Owns What Of The $223 Trillion In Global WealthWealth, Income, and PowerThe 147 Companies That Control EverythingPut Your Ethics To A Global TestIntegrity on a Global ScaleThe Effects of Globalization on Stakeholder TheoryBusiness Ethics as Competitive Advantage for Companies in the Globalization Era Subtheme: Should there be government regulation in this area and if so how much and what? Role of government in Regulating Business EthicsCompliance and Regulation: Johnson & JohnsonBusiness Ethics: The Law of RulesDistributive JusticeTheme Two: Cultural Relativism and Morality Read:Ethical RelativismEthical Relativism and BusinessTheory of Ethical Relativism (Criticism of the theory of ethical relativism)

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