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Gamerz is a successful retail store. The company sells video

    Gamerz is a successful retail store. The company sells video games as well as traditional games such as puzzles and board games, and is renowned for hosting game nights and competitions. Gamerz is a place where customers can find gaming resources, supplies, gaming news, and a good challenge. The store has been in operation for six years and has increased its revenue and profit each year. The partners are looking to expand their operation and need to prepare a presentation for an important meeting with financiers. Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: Step Instructions Points Possible 1 Start PowerPoint. Download and open the file named exploring_p01_Grader_h1.pptx. 0 2 On the Slide Master, add the fixed date of 7/17/2013 and the footer text Gamerz. Return to Normal view. 10 3 Apply the Retrospect design theme with the dark gray background variant to the presentation. 10 4 After Slide 1, add a new slide with the Title Only layout. 10 5 On Slide 2, change the title text to Gamerz provides a friendly setting for customers. (Include the period). 4 6 On Slide 2, apply the italic style to the title text, and change the font size to 30 pt. 8 7 On Slide 6, create a two-column, three-row table. 8 8 In the table you just created, in the first row, enter Year in the left cell and Qtr. 1 in the right cell. In the second row, enter Last Year and $64,761 respectively. In the last row, enter This Year and $75,594 respectively. 6 9 Display Slide 8. Search Online Pictures for an image using the search words Video Game Controller. From the search results, insert the image of a video game controller in an orange circle. (Note: Insert the same image as the one displayed on Slide 1.) If you are unable to located the correct image, the image Controller.png has been provided in the downloaded files. 10 10 Resize the image on Slide 8 to a Height of 1.8-inches and a Width of 1.8-inches. 6 11 Move the image on Slide 8 so that the top left corner of the image aligns with the 3-inch mark to the right of 0 on the horizontal ruler and the 1.5-inch mark below 0 on the vertical ruler. 6 12 On Slide 4, apply the Fly In entrance animation to the text box containing Our second year was significantly better. Change the Start option to After Previous. 12 13 Start the slide show from the beginning and navigate through the presentation. On Slide 8, underline the word detailed in the first bullet using the Pen pointer option. Exit the slide show and keep the annotation. 10 14 Display the print preview of the presentation handouts with 4 slides per page horizontally. Save and close the presentation. Exit PowerPoint. Submit the presentation as directed. 0 Total Points 100

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