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    FROM RONNYMAC…MY SERVICE LEARNING PROJECT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS “NAOMI’S PROJECT”. I WAS INTRODUCED TO THIS NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION THROUGH MY JOB, QVC. QVC ALLOWS ME TO VOLUNTEER DURING WORK OURS. NAOMI’S PROJECT IS A NONPROFIT THAT PROVIDES SHELTER AND THE NECESSITIES TO BATTERED WOMEN AND THEIR CHILDREN. WE COOK AND SELL DINNER PLATES TO RAISE FUNDS.Week 12 Required Readings “What Is Civic Engagement?” (2000): [Note: Emphasize the “Wheel of Civic Engagement” graph]Andrew Carnegie: “Wealth” (1889)Robert D. Putnam: “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital” (1995)Steven N. Durlauf: “Bowling Alone: A Review Essay” [Note: This reading is a sociological critique of Putnam’s Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (2000), a book-length expansion of Putnam’s original essay]Amitai Etzioni: “The Good Society” (1999) The Service Learning Project Report You are asked to undertake a Service Learning Project and to write a ten-entry report about your efforts. The Ten Entries of the Service Learning Project Report: Note: These entries will be combined in a single document and turned in during Week 12. None will be turned in before.Entry 1: Write an entry of 400 words minimum on why you chose your project. Discuss the life or work experiences that may have influenced your selection, including whether these experiences were positive or negative. Consider how issues of community, government or individual responsibility, leadership, productivity, problem solving, work ethic, and/or ambition might have affected your project selection. Most importantly, explain why your project is important to you, as well as to the larger community. Label this entry ‘Selection of the Service Learning Project.”Entry 2: Write an entry of 400 words minimum explaining how your project relates to two of the course objectives, Objective 12 and one or two others between 1 and 11 (do not choose objective 13). See the list of course objectives in the Introduction Above. Be sure to explain why you think these objectives are important. Label this entry “Service Learning Project Objective.” Note: The purpose of this entry is not to tell what you think the objective of your Service Learning Project was; rather, it is, as stated above, to relate your project to specified course objectives.Entries 3-9: Narrate your experiences on the project each week for seven weeks—unless you combine entries, which is allowed, as long as they meet the minimum word count requirement. Integrate brief references wherever possible to the six values studied in Week 1. Be sure to relate your project experiences briefly to specific ideas in each of the Week 12 readings. Ideally, you will synthesize ideas from these readings in entries 3-7; however, you may also do so in entries 1, 2, and 8. You may also briefly reference ideas from earlier weeks in the course, as well as up to four additional sources you have found in your own research. A minimum of 500 words must be written each week. Entries should simply be labeled with the appropriate entry number(s), for example, Entry 3, Entry 4, Entries 5-6, Entries 5-8, and so on.Entry 10: For the concluding entry of 400 words, labeled ”Conclusions,” summarize your project, its relation to the course themes and readings, and your feelings about your project experiences.Employ APA format for both in-text citations and your references list. Abstracts and running heads are not required. Use the Major Essay Grading Rubric for guidance on how to write this paper successfully and well.Important Assignment Guidelines: Not following these guidelines will have a negative impact on your grade for the week.1.Write in Arial font, size 14, unless otherwise directed by your instructor. 2.Always name the author whose ideas you are discussing (use the author’s full name the first time you refer to him/her; after that, identify authors by their last names).3.Provide in-text citations for all ideas, opinions, and facts derived from the course readings, whether you simply refer to them, paraphrase them (put them entirely into your own words), or quote them. Place the in-text citation at the end of your sentence but before the period that ends your sentence. The in-text citation should give the author’s last name (unless you’ve used it already in your sentence), the year of publication (if known), and the appropriate page number(s) from the reading (if page numbers are used in the online text of the essay). Do not use the title of the reading unless it does not have an author).4.Provide a References list at the end of your essay that includes bibliographic references for every reading cited in your essay. Center the word References (do not underline it, place it in quotation marks, or place it in bold or larger size font). Present your references, listed alphabetically by author’s last name.Follow APA formatting guidelines for your list.

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