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For this Project you will be using the Project Dataset in Do

    For this Project you will be using the Project Dataset in Doc Sharing underthe Category called “Final Project Assignment and Data.” This dataset is inExcel and you will use Excel to complete this Project. You should enter youranswers/responses/graphs/charts directly after the question.The Math Center offers free tutoring andfree project review.NOTE:This Project will require access to a z-table which can be found in DocSharing.Name:______________ _____________1.  Correlation, Scatterplots, and Predictiona) Which relationship is stronger, the relationshipbetween GPA and AGE or the relationship between GPA and SAT score? Be sure toinclude all appropriate measures and explain and defend your answer. Is thisresult what you would expect, why or why not?b) Create and paste in a scatterplot that comparesFinal Exam Score and Project Score. What is the correlation (r-value)? Howwould you describe the correlation (positive, negative, strong, weak, medium,none)? Include the “trendline” and “equation of the trendine” as part of yourscatterplot. a) Using the equation from your above scatterplottrendline, predict (estimate) the Project score for a person who gets a finalexam score of 82. Show all of your work. 1. Comparingand Describing DataFor the Final Exam Score and then for theProject Score, calculate the mean, median, mode, range, standard deviation, andvariance. (Hint: remember to use the sample std dev and sample variance). a)  Which twonumerical measures offer you the best information for comparing performancebetween these two assignments? Use these two numerical measures to describe andcompare student performance between the final exam and the Project. b)  Whichvariable, Final Exam Score or Project Score has greater variation of data?Which two numerical measures are best to offer this information? Choose the twonumerical measures and use them to describe and compare the variation betweenthe two variables. What does the variation tell you about student performance?a)  Who didbetter on the Final Exam, males or females? Justify your answer using atleast THREE (3) numerical measures AND a bar graph. (Hint: Your bargraph will only show the mean and median values for the males and females).1. Relativeand Absolute Differencesa)  Sally andRon have decided to go back to school. Sally is 28 and Ron is 25. Based ontheir relative position, which ofthem (Sally or Ron) would be farther away from the average age of their gendergroup? Show all steps and work. (Hint: You will need to calculate z-scores aspart of this question, which are the number of standard deviations from themean).b)  Sally hasa GPA of 3.35. What percentage of the students have a GPA above her GPA? Showall work. (Note: GPA is normally distributed).SAT scores arenormally distributed and can range from 0 to 1600. Ron’s SAT score is 800. Whatpercentage of the MALE Student SATscores in the dataset are below a)  Ron’s SATscore? What would you say about Ron’s performance on the SAT test as comparedto the other male students in the dataset? Show all work. (Hint: use z scoresand the z table to solve this).1. Frequenciesand Graphsa)  A person’sGPA can be categorized into one of five classifications:F: 0.00 – 0.49 D: 0.50 – 1.49C: 1.50 – 2.49 B: 2.50 – 3.49 A: 3.50 – 4.00Use these 5 categories and create a relative andcumulative frequency chart for all the GPAs in the dataset. You can do this byhand or you can use Excel. b)  Create abar chart to show the frequencies of each letter grade.1.  Confidence Intervals: Thedataset for this Project represents a sample of data from a larger population. a)  Use thisdataset sample to calculate the 95% confidence interval for the true populationmean time that all students spend studying per week. If a student spends 15hours per week studying, is this significantly different from the populationmean? Explain. Show all work and any use of Excel. You may choose to use Excelor you may do this by hand. b) In your own words, explain why and how samplestatistics are used to estimate population parameters. Using the dataset,create an example to support your explanation.

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