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For this close analysis essay, you may choose one or two poe

    For this close analysis essay, you may choose one or two poems by one author. Alternately, you can choose one poem by two different authors and compare/contrast these two poems; however, these poems should be written about a similar subject matter. You can find two poems from our text book and/or The Poetry Foundation and The Academy of American Poets. The Poetry Foundation allows you to browse poems based on subject matters and style. Academy of American Poets allows you to browse poems based on different occasions. You can also browse the poems of famous historical and contemporary poets. Other websites cannot be used to find poems. Terms that you might consider when analyzing poetry include subject matter, line breaks, point of view, voice, imagery, form (sonnet, villanelle, sestina), rhythm, rhyme scheme, figurative language (simile, metaphor, alliteration, assonance, consonance, refrain), confessionalism, and the historical connections.

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