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For Assessment 5, use the article listed below to write a 5â

    For Assessment 5, use the article listed below to write a 5–6 page critical analysis of a company that you select.Read Porter and Kramer’s 2011 article, ‘Creating Shared Value,’ in Harvard Business Review, volume 89, issue (1/2), pages 62–77. This article is linked in the Resources under the Library Resources heading.Think critically about the topics presented in article andevaluate the author’s point of view. You will synthesize this newinformation into the current paradigm of knowledge and understanding,such as relevant economic theories.Evaluate the author’s arguments and conclusions for creatingshared value, supporting your conclusions with scholarly articles thateither support or refute the author.Draw your own conclusions on value creation by applying relevantdata, facts, theories, and economic principles from the article andother reading you have done.Select a company to analyze for this assessment. You can use your own company, or another company that you are interested in.Using what you have read in the Porter and Kramer article, write a5–6 page critical analysis of the company you selected. You are expectedto support your analysis with appropriate citations and references toother academic sources.Address the following components in regard to the company you selected:Identify the issue or issues addressed by the author, relatedto the creating shared value. Analyze how the identified issue(s) relateto the company you have selected.Evaluate the economic significance of the issue or issues related to creating shared value for the company.Apply the author’s arguments and conclusions for creating shared value to the company you selected.Assess the impact of ethical and regulatory considerations.Be sure to use correct APA format for your in-text citations andreference list. Use the resources provided to help you properly cite andreference your sources and avoid plagiarism. Remember that Wikipediais not an appropriate source to use in an academic paper.Additional RequirementsWritten communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.APA formatting: Your paper should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.Length: 5–6 typed and double-spaced pages.Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.Research: Refer to the Research Resources in the left navigation menu for help finding credible sources.Resource: Porter, M. E., & Kramer, M. R. (2011). Creating shared value. Harvard Business Review, 89(1/2), 62–77.

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