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follow the instruction in the folderRead Me FirstThere are t

    follow the instruction in the folderRead Me FirstThere are two web pages you need to replicate; one is week3_2_1_example.png, the other one isweek3_2_2_example.jpgWeek3_2_1_example.pngReplicate the web image (Week3_2_1_example.png) as best as you can.I provided all the texts for webpage (Week3_2.docx), copy the texts and paste them into your HTMLdocument.Apply all CSS rules for this practice and also save it as an external CSS document.Font Family for the title in header and in nav can be your choice of external or linked font family. Itdoesn’t need to be the same as the font style on the image.Specify width, margin, padding for every element as best as you can replicate.All menus as lists should be in nav. Menu CONTACT doesn’t need to be in Grey color.If you don’t remember the specified CSS rule for ul element, see below.ul {list-style-type: none;}email should be linked, and change it to jobs@yourcompany.comtitle should be Week3_2_110. Use
    tag if it’s necessary11. Save it as week4_1_1.htmlWeek3_2_2_example.jpgOpen the HTML document that I provided – week3_2_2.htmlReplicate the web image (Week3_2_2_example.png) as best as you can.Use the images from the image folder.Apply all CSS rules for this practice and also save it as an external CSS document.Font family for this HTML is up to you. You don’t need to use the same font family as the website.Do not use the title image on the actual BU museum website. Do it as text and apply CSS rules.Do not forget about using “display” property for the section, which I already tagged for you.Hint: Width for the body, header, footer should be 100%.Save it as week3_2_2.htmlCheck listsAll image files should be in image folder.All CSS should be in css folder.If you are using special font as font-face, it should be in font folder.Make them as a zip file and submit it to Blackboard (Week3_2.)

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