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Focus Selecting a Financial InstitutionGoalTo create a pres

    Focus: Selecting a Financial InstitutionGoalTo create a presentation that educates others on financial institutions and how to select the right institution for individual needs.RoleYou are a professor who teaches personal finance to college students.AudienceStudents who are soon graduating from college and will be living on their own.SituationYou work as a professor at a college and you must create a 15-20 minute presentation to share with college students to help them understand loans. Be sure to include the following:Explain the four most common financial institutionsIdentify financial institutions that one must be cautious aboutExplain in detail the most common type of credit that average Americans useExplain credit report and credit score with emphasis on how to build a high credit score Product and PerformanceExhibition:- Create a presentation using presentation software that is about 20 slides in length. Organize your presentation by topics. Use the proper presentation guideline of 8-12 words on a slide, excluding titles.Reflection:- Create a scenario that identifies a person with a 680 credit score. Describe the financial actions that caused the person to receive a low credit score and then describe the financial institution that they will have to use to get a loan for a car.

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