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focus on the behavior intervention plan (BIP). The necessity

    focus on the behavior intervention plan (BIP). The necessity of basing effective, function-based BIP designs on the probable functions of the target behaviors was stressed. Identifying the probable function of behavior can be accomplished through the analysis of data collected using the Functional Behavior Assessment or the Functional Behavior Analysis. Strategies of classroom management and specific behavior modification approaches were covered. Finally, the barriers to developing and implementing BIPs in the classroom were presented.Using the knowledge you have gained regarding considerations that must be made in designing individualized behavior plans, discuss the following: 1. Identify the eight components of a behavior intervention plan.2. Explain how positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement maintain behavior. a) Provide an example of an interfering classroom behavior that has been maintained on negative reinforcement and explain how extinction could be used to modify the behavior.b) Provide an example of an interfering classroom behavior that has been maintained on positive reinforcement and explain how differential reinforcement could be used to modify the behavior.3. Point out the barriers to the development and implementation of BIPs in the classroom and identify possible solutions to these barriers.a) How do cultural influences impact your approaches to behavior modification?

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