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Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures DayOne CaseReview the Day

    Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures DayOne CaseReview the DayOne Case Study at the end of Chapter 9.Compose a minimum of 1,400 words in which you discuss the DayOneCase Study: (dose not include reference in count)·Examine what more the members of the DayOne team can doto build credibility and improve their chances of securing the capital theyneed to implement the business plan.·Discuss what other options might be considered forraising the funds needed to move the company ahead.·Evaluate if DayOne has proven the model yet, given thatAndrew has approached you as a potential investor.·Explain any concerns you may have.·Explain reasons why you would or would not invest inDayOne.Cite a minimum of 2 peer reviewed references from theUniversity of Phoenix Library.Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.I will post the reading for the Day one case once accepted as well as the grading guide.

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